Mari Waikiki

Contemplating Life – Past, Present and Future

I'm sitting on a beach contemplating life. My life, as it is now, as it was then, and as it will be someday. …

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Sixty Years of Stories

dandelion field
There Goes That Idea

Been a while, got a lot to share. But first, I have to correct myself on something I wrote back in April.  In Chemotherapy is Not as Bad as I Exp…

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Sweet Note From a Fellow Chemo Patient

Compared to the often funerial atmosphere of most chemo rooms, my last treatment felt like being at a party. While I was snoozing there was a change o…

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mari in chair
Chemotherapy is Not as Bad as I Expected

“You’re really looking good,” Billy raved as we huffed and puffed uphill on Heather Street after a walk through the Olympic Village and along the seaw…

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Mom elegant cropped
2 Parties and a Funeral: Happy Birthday/ RIP Ginny Kane

The plan seemed simple enough: to organize a birthday party for a hundred year-old woman at the farm that was started by her great…

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The Trajectory of My Life

See where I've lived for the past 63 years.

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Lafite Rothschild 1986.2
How a Wine Epiphany Showed Me Wine is Not Just For Rich People

Epiphany bottles are just that. Epiphanies. Every serious wine lover has one locked away in his or her mental cellar. It’s t…

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Wine Spectator dudley cover Oct 31 1990 BW
Shooting Covers for Wine Spectator

Back in the early 1990’s I shot covers for Wine Spectator. The relationship started just as I was forming a business relatio…

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Bill Mari wedding kiss cropped
Bill and I Get Hitched – Kinda

After four years of dating Bill, and living with him for two, I got the itch to get hitched. I starting talking in vague terms abo…

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Grampa, Grama Dugan at Farm
A Brief History of the Kanes and Watsons

My mom, Mary Virginia (Ginny) Watson and my dad, Robert (Bob) Leo Kane were both raised in Michigan. Mom and her brother Norb, wer…

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Pictorial Records of My Travels

Hawaii 2023

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USA North Roadtrip 2021

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USA Roadtrip 2020

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Israel 2016

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Ireland 2013

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Cuba 2012

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