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Mouthfeel: Confessions of a Wine Slut

Working in a winery tasting room is not always the beautiful experience the bucolic setting would suggest. A glance behind the “Employees Only” door often reveals an intimidating landscape of high drama and low morals, where good taste meets bad manners.
This is where I got my start in the wine business.

Mouthfeel: Confessions of a Wine Slut
is the story of one woman’s search for love and livelihood in wine country.

Mouthfeel is the first memoir to present an authentic and opinionated view of the Sonoma County wine scene.

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Mouthfeel-confessions of a wine slut


Gastown Edible Fall 16

A Taste of Gastown’s Past – Edible Vancouver, Autumn 2016

In all the times I’ve passed through Vancouver’s Waterfront Station, I’d never noticed that half of the side pillars are flat. Nor did I know why: The Canadian Pacific Railway ran out of money for round pillars when they built the terminal back in 1914. These factoids were entertainingly illuminated on a recent Taste Vancouver Food Tour of Gastown, the city’s oldest neighbourhood.

BC Zinfandel - Edible Vancouver

The Great BC Zinfandel Roundup – Edible Vancouver, April 2016

When Zinfandel rolled into California in the mid-nineteenth century, its identity was as mysterious as Clint Eastwood’s in High Plains Drifter. The grape thrived in California’s warm climate and was often blended as a jug wine with the more tannic Petit Syrah to give it backbone. BC is now the third largest Zinfandel region behind California and Australia. But there are differences.

weed wine connection

The Wine Weed Connection – Freedom Leaf, April, 2015

According to Lisa Molyneux, a small glass is of cannabis wine is enough, and after consuming you should be prepared to sleep quite well. But don’t expect to see weed wine in stores anytime soon, unless it’s made in Washington State or Colorado, both of which have recreational use laws and abundant wine industries. Until then, you might want to settle for part two of this article, How to Pair Wine with Weed.

judy kingston

Growing More Than Grapes In The Vineyard – Wine Enthusiast, December 2014

Judy Kingston’s life changed in 1993, the morning her car slid on black ice on a Toronto highway and slammed into a fire truck. She woke from a coma with temporary amnesia, unable to remember the details of her life. Her head injury was so severe she had to relearn how to walk, climb stairs and cross the street.