Photography was my original creative love  and  I  continue to take shots at the world

Hawaii 2023

Our first exotic vacation with zero family obligations. Nothing to do but relax, we hung out near our Waikiki hotel, hiked Diamond Head, visited with John and Thuy, John drove us to Waimanolo Beach and the North Shore where we visited Carolyn Moran’s son and his family, took a “sunset” yoga lesson in the rain, snorkled, and looked for signs of my previous visit in 1968. It was wonderful.

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USA North Roadtrip 2021

We were moving to Washington DC for 3 months (turned into 4) and to get there we drove the northern route through Washington, Idaho, Montana, Wyoming, South Dakota, Minnesota, Illinois, Michigan, Pennsylvania, and Maryland. The highpoint was meeting Buddy Guy in Chicago, the low point was a truly skuzzy Airbnb on a lake in Minnesota.

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USA Roadtrip 2020

In the middle of the Covid pandemic, my sister Juli decided to pack up her life in California and drive across the country to drop her cats in Michigan, then fly out of Washington DC to join her fiance in Vienna, Austria. I couldn’t let her drive alone so I tagged along on what turned out to be an epic road trip.

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Israel 2016

Bill and I, and later Tara, visited Israel to spend some time with Bill’s uncle Ari who was aged and fighting multiple cancers. We traveled with our Tel Aviv-based nephew, Daniel, all around the country, from the Syrian border to the Dead Sea during Purim, Passover and Easter, and realized what a mega-religious country this is.

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Tin Can Tourists – Michigan 2014

On a visit to the farm in 2014, there was a music festival in the Port Sanilac Harbor Park as well as a contingent of trailer owners called the Tin Can Tourists set up in the adjacent lot. These trailer owners invited the public to tour their retro mobile homes and revel in the kitchyness inside.

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Ireland 2013

The year of The Gathering in Ireland, six of us flew there to accompany Juli on her search for an Irish home. Time was spent mostly in the West, except for a few days in Dublin. It was one of the warmest summers Ireland had experienced.

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Cuba My Cuba – 2012

We had long wanted to visit Cuba before Fidel Castro died, knowing the changes that would ensue afterward. I wanted to see the remnants of a bygone era and Havana, Vinales, and Playa Larga did not disappoint.

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Deadhead Families – California 1988-90

Sometime in the mid-1980s I went to my first Grateful Dead show and got the idea to shoot studio-style portraits of the multiple generations of Dead fans, called Deadheads. I set up my outdoor studio at about five venues around the Bay Area before running out of gas.

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